The Hypnotherapy Process

Curious about what hypnotherapy can do for you?

In this video, Bozena Slominski R.N., C.C.Ht., founder of Empowering Hypnotherapy Clinic, outlines what to expect when you visit a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.
During your first consultation, your hypnotherapist establishes your goals, prepares you for your first hypnotherapy session, and answers your questions.
The most common question that Bozena answers:

“What is hypnosis?”

Quite simply, hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation, and a communication process that allows a person’s conscious and subconscious mind to work together. For some, the results can be gradual. For others, the results can be immediate.

“What happens when I am in hypnosis?”

During your session, you will hear everything, you can stop at any time, and you can awake at any time. You have control of the entire session. Your hypnotherapist is the gentle guide to help you achieve what you came to achieve.
The focus at all times is your goals. So, if your goal is to quit smoking, your hypnotherapist will help you achieve that. If your goal is to wake up with energy every day, your hypnotherapist will work with you to bring that goal to life.

Every client comes away from hypnotherapy with something. Many clients come away having achieved 100% of the goal. For some, learning self-hypnosis, EFT exercises, or NLP tools is the key to personal growth, as these are self-directed and can be used daily.

Did you know that clinical hypnosis can be used to overcome addictions, improve fertility, and relieve chronic pain? You can even use hypnosis to fit into a size 6 dress! Click here to see what else professional hypnotherapy can do for you.

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