“I went down from size 14 to 12 and now I’m size 10.”

Therapeutic Hypnosis for Weight Loss

“I had the honour of being one of Bozena’s clients. I went for all the sessions, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and found it worked really well for balancing weight and life. I went down from size 14 to 12, and now I’m size 10. The pleasure is mine in recommending Bozena for any corrections and balances you may want in your life.

L.C., Perth, WA.

“I am totally amazed!”

Hair-Pulling Disorder (Trichotillomania)Relieved with Hypnotherapy

After Session 1:
I am totally amazed! My hair-pulling has decreased significantly.I am listening to the CD at bed time. See you Tuesday.

After Session 2:
My NOT hair-pulling continues to improve, so I’m very pleased.

After Session 3:
Sleeping much better and more soundly.

After Session 4:
I arrived in London Monday. I did not pull any hair out on the long journey, which is amazing. I thank you so much for helping me achieve this.

V. H., Perth, WA.

“I’m absolutely astounded with my achievements!”

Anger Management Success at Empowering Hypnotherapy Clinic

After Session 1:
It has been a much more enjoyable week.Calmer.See you Monday morning.

After Session 2:
I always put the CD on and drift into sleep very easy having healthy smoothies for breakfast.

After Session 3:
I’m absolutely astounded with my achievements:

  • No anger outbursts.
  • Sold the business for a profit.
  • Happier, stronger and confident.
  • Looking forward to a happier, positive and brighter future.
  • Using the tools to manage anxiety and stress.
  • Eating regular healthy meals.
  • Sleeping 8 hours each night and feeling more energetic.


“I am feeling more positive and healthy”

Reduced Cigarette Smoking and Sleeping Through the Night

The cigarette is not holding the same meaning / feeling as before. I am feeling more positive and healthy. The CD is good and I have put it on my iPod. I have slept through the night the last two nights, which is the first time in a long time. So if nothing else, I think that alone is really positive.


“I have been feeling 100% calmer since I had my session with you.”

Can Hypnosis Help Relieve Anxiety and Stress?

After Session 1:

I have been listening to my CD the last week and have felt so peaceful and well rested when I wake up :) I have been aligning myself by using your tools and practicing some meditation when I have a chance during the day. It’s been a good week. I’m looking forward to work over the weekend and seeing you next week.

After Session 2:

Hi Bozena. I have been feeling 100% calmer since I had my session with you. Meditating and being aware of how I’m feeling or thinking is new to me. I have learnt so much from you in our sessions and intend to continue using the tools. I thank you so much for everything. You have helped me clarify so much, I feel so much better everyday. You really did help us all.

T.F. Perth, WA.

“From the very first session, Bozena made me feel stronger and
more confident in my decision to become a non-smoker.”

Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

I had the pleasure of participating in Bozena’s case study for hypnotherapy. Having been a smoker for over 25 years, I was really wanting to stop smoking. From the very first session, Bozena made me feel stronger and more confident in my decision to become a non-smoker. She expressed confidence in me, and understood my fear of putting on weight. She never made me feel uncomfortable or pressured. I have the highest regard for Bozena and her abilities. Even though my hypnotherapy sessions have ended, Bozena has made it clear that I can contact her if I feel I need any extra help. Her knowledge and her personality make her someone that I would highly recommend.

S.Y.. Thornlie, WA.

“My sleeping pattern dramatically improved”

Hypnosis Helps Improve Parkinson’s Disease as Complementary Therapy

A few months ago, I was introduced to hypnotherapy, as a helping tool to my long struggle with Parkinson’s disease.

My therapist, Ms. Bozena Slominski, has an extra gentle approach towards sick people. When she enters my home during cloudy, dark and cold days,
it feels as if a beautiful ray of sunshine comes into my place. She is perfectly prepared for every meeting and session, and very generous with her time. Every guided meditation by Bozena relaxes me a lot and makes me feel very happy.

My sleeping pattern dramatically improved (from 3 hours to 6 hours every night).

I less often get up during the nighttime and I can go to the bathroom on my own!

I am not cured, and every day I still have to face my battle with PD, but my angelic-looking and beautiful therapist with her soothing and calming voice will be there for me.

Thank you Bozena, you are the best!

K. Z., Perth, WA.

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