How much does hypnotherapy cost?

$120 per hour plus 10% GST.

“Stop Smoking” in one session $440 plus 10% GST including 1 Free follow up session if required

“Weight Loss”  3 sessions $480 plus 10% GST.

I offer one FREE additional back up session if required and 10% discount is applied when 3 sessions are paid in advance.

How long is one session?

Allow 2 hours for your initial consultation, and 1 hour for each session thereafter

Book in Advance and Save

Receive a 10% discount when you pay for 3 or more sessions in advance.

Discounts for pensioners, students to be negotiated.

Free Extras

At no extra cost, when you visit Empowering Hypnotherapy Clinic, you will receive:

  • One free hypnosis CD, or MP3, for daily relaxation
  • One free hypnosis CD, or MP3, designed specifically for you and your goals.
  • One free self-hypnosis educational audio.
  • Instruction in self hypnosis
  • Instruction in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
  • Referral for Nutritional Coaching for your best fitness.
  • Other tools you can use at home … like meditation and breathing exercises … to enhance the power of what you started at Empowering Hypnotherapy Clinic.

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