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Reshape Your Body Using Your Mind-Body Connection

Imagine if you had complete control of the size and shape of your body.

In 1974, Dr. Richard Willard believed it was possible. To prove his theory, he started with a question. What if a woman could increase the size of her breasts—just by thinking about it? To see if this would work, he gathered 22 volunteers, and each candidate selected a “size goal.”

Once per week, for twelve weeks, the women would have a professionally guided hypnosis session. Key to the session was relaxation, and imagery to the effect that warmth brings about growth. Each woman received a recording of the session, to practice at home, and after twelve weeks, the results were in.

  • 85% of the women had a significant change in breast size, with an average bust-size increase of 3.2 mm.
  • 78% of the hypnosis clients noticed other positive changes, such as weight loss, smoking cessation, or improved golf scores.
  • Of the 14 women in the study who were mothers, 100% reported positive changes in the firmness and fullness of their breasts (to pre-childbirth shape).

In 1997, researchers at the University of Liverpool conducted a similar study with men. The goal of this study was to see if mental practice would have any effect on physical strength. Resting comfortably, with eyes closed, each subject would imagine completing a full upper-body workout. The exercise was repeated twice per week for three weeks. At the end of three weeks, the researchers reported an average 16% increase in strength in the men. Similar studies with mental practice discovered a 13% increase in muscle size.

The conclusion from these studies was that thinking about activity establishes the same neural pathways—and produces similar physiological results—when compared to physically performing the activity. In short: it is possible to shape your body using the natural abilities in your mind.

What about Decreasing Body Size?

If the mind-body connection can be used to increase the size of breasts or biceps, is it possible to use hypnosis or mental rehearsal to decrease the size … say … of the waist? In a comparison of 18 studies on the subject of using hypnosis to lose weight, researchers at the University of Connecticut found the following results:

  • Hypnosis can produce results up to double the effects of other weight-reduction treatments.
  • The higher the weight, the greater the effect of hypnotherapy. Obese clients had the most dramatic improvement.
  • In the 2 years after formal hypnosis was complete, on average, clients shed another 10 kg.

So, How Does it Work?

How is it possible to gain muscle, or reduce weight, using the mind-body connection? All of these studies point to a few key ingredients …

Start Easy

Start with an easy, small goal, like 1 kg in 1 month. You can always increase the goal after you have seen positive results. Have fun with it. Dream a little. The worst that can happen is nothing. Imagine the best that can happen.

Get in the Zone

The first step in hypnosis is relaxation. It is the very same relaxation you feel when you sink into a good book, or have an afternoon nap. In fact, if you lie down, get comfortable, and close your eyes—just like having a nap—you are almost there. There is an ideal zone, or brainwave frequency, that produces the best results. A certified clinical hypnotherapist can help you get there, and can train you in self-hypnosis so that you can do it on your own.

Room of Mirrors

There are many variations on techniques for mental practice. The “room of mirrors” works well because it is easy to visualize. If you do not “see” it in your imagination, “feel” it in your imagination.

  • Imagine you are in a fitness room, and looking at the best body of your Future
  • On one wall is a large mirror. See yourself in the mirror.
  • Stretch. Move a little. Notice yourself move in the mirror.
  • Turn your head, so that you look at your best self out of the corner of your right eye.
  • Then turn, so that you see your best self out of the corner of your left eye.
  • Turn back to centre.
  • In your imagination, do a light workout with the most easy exercises.
  • Call it a day. Come back to your nap, and wake up when you are ready.
  • The next time you have a nap and enter the room of mirrors, imagine the best body of your future, and repeat the same exercise.

Imagine the Details

In the studies on the subject of mental practice, the results increased when subjects went slow, and imagined the finer details, like the sound of friction between biceps and pectorals, or the detailed contours of a firm belly.

Use all of your senses. See your best self. Hear the sounds in the room. Tap into the feeling of excellent health that you have known before.


In all of the studies, participants repeated the set of exercises six times or more, over a number of weeks. The rehearsal for success became a part of daily routine and habit. Just like any exercise, hypnosis and mental practice for weight loss improves with repetition.

So, Do I Need to Exercise at all?

Your mind-body connection can work for you, while you take a nap, and while you sleep. But it also works in the gym. In the University of Liverpool study with physical fitness (and similar follow-up research), not only did strength and muscular volume increase with hypnosis, but the results doubled if the subject used both imagination and physical activity.

Hypnotherapy alone has shown to help achieve success in physical fitness.

But when you combine hypnosis, exercise, and nutrition, the results are even better. Even if you are not motivated to get physical, a certified clinical hypnotherapist can help increase motivation and energy levels to get active, or increase the desire for natural foods.

It’s Not Rocket Science.

There is science behind hypnosis for weight loss and fitness. But it’s is not rocket science. Hypnosis is a lot like playing as a kid.

Start easy. Have fun with it. And use your imagination.

Testimonials for hypnosis and weight loss.


Before you begin your professional hypnotherapy, it pays to do some homework … and come prepared to start living the best years of your life.

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