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How Do I Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight?

A Hard Habit to Break?

Based on research from the last 50 years, using hypnosis to quit smoking has very positive success rates. Smoking is one of the easiest habits to stop. Even chain smokers have found relief from tobacco. There are over 100 clinical studies on the use of hypnosis to quit cigarettes or pot. In a 2001 study, Dr. Joseph Barber discovered that 90% of the smokers in the research group were smoke-free one week later, six months later, and three years after receiving three hypnotherapy sessions.


All of the studies related to hypnosis for smoking cessation that compared a motivated subject with a non-motivated subject found that treatment success improves dramatically with motivation. Namely, the more motivated you are to quit smoking, the more likely it is to happen. The fact that you are reading this means that you are already interested. And self-motivation is where it all starts. If you are committed to stop smoking, and need a little help, a certified clinical hypnotherapist can help get you there.

So, what should you expect when you visit a hypnotherapist?

There is more than one way to break the smoking habit. Here are just a few …

Benefits Approach

By quitting the smoking habit, you will have more time, more money, and more health.

Homework #1: Before you visit a specialist, list all of the positive benefits you would like to come into your life when you are smoke free. It’s a great way to get excited about your future. Here’s a list to get you started:

  • More Energy
  • Fresh breath
  • Whiter teeth
  • Easier to breathe
  • Clean-smelling clothes

The sky is the limit. List as many benefits as you like. And when you go to sleep tonight, imagine yourself living those benefits.

Inner Cooperation

Have you ever felt like a part of you wants to do one thing … and another part of you wants to do something else? Like sleeping in vs. getting up and taking a walk? Or … breathing smoke vs. breathing fresh air?

Imagine the benefits of having cooperation between those two parts, so that each part of you feels good, and all of you is committed to health. Therapeutic hypnosis can help reconcile and integrate inner conflict, and turn it into inner cooperation.

Changing Triggers

Imagine if every time you saw the colour green, it made you smile. Imagine if every time you saw a package of cigarettes, it made you so confident and strong, you did not need to take one. Throughout the day, you and I see triggers constantly: the colour green, the TV, a bank lineup, a clock, children laughing. Each of these is a stimulus that elicits a response: a bank lineup might be a stimulus to walk away, a clock might be a stimulus to remember an appointment.

Clinical hypnosis can help turn old triggers for smoking—the smell of coffee, a lunch break, five o’clock—into triggers for breathing, stretching, and feeling liberated. In the same way that these things became associated with cigarettes, the same stimuli can become triggers for healthy habits.

Replace The Habit

Using hypnosis to quit smoking cigarettes or marijuana is not just about getting rid of nicotine and tar. It’s about adding health and wellness to your life. Imagine the fun things you could do in less than five minutes… instead of smoking, like …

  • Take ten deep breaths.
  • Listen to music.
  • Walk around the block.
  • Watch a funny video.
  • Balance on one foot.
  • Make a smoothie and drink it.
  • Jumping Jacks!
  • Read one page of a book.
  • Write one sentence of your next book.
  • Sketch a drawing.
  • Close your eyes, and think of the most loving person you know.
  • Brainstorm one idea to make money.

Homework #2: Before visiting a hypnotherapist, make your own list of “Fun Things to Do in 5 Minutes.”

How do I maintain my weight?

Smoking stimulates metabolism, and even burns calories. But one cigarette only burns about ten calories … less than yawning and stretching for five seconds. So, as a weight-maintenance program, even yawning is better than smoking. And there are a thousand other ways to maintain a healthy, sexy body that cost less, and are easier on your lungs than smoking.

A certified clinical hypnotherapist is trained to help you break the smoking habit, but can also help you boost energy, get into fitness, get the most from nutrition … even lose weight. Clinical hypnosis can be used for any positive goal with a mind-body connection. You are unique. Discuss your whole health picture with your hypnotherapist and she/he can customise your sessions in a way that is best for you.

Visualise Success

Quitting smoking is just one part of your future. Hypnotherapy will help you see the best possible road of personal growth, and give you the tools to walk that road with confidence.

Homework #3: Before you arrive, imagine the solution. Write down the best case scenario for your …

  • Career
  • Finances
  • Fitness
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Creativity
  • Life purpose

Why not dream a little, and really get your money’s worth. Before you begin your professional hypnotherapy, it pays to do some homework … and come prepared to start living the best years of your life.

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Barber, J. “Freedom From Smoking: Integrating Hypnotic Methods and Rapid Smoking to Facilitate Smoking Cessation,” in International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 2001, vol. 49 (3), 257-266.

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